There are no bin rooms in WUPID, you get top teams from the get go and throughout and enjoy the intense high-level debates and adjudication. A joy to take part in, a joy to watch and most importantly a tournament to brag about even after 10 years. WUPID is as classy as debate tournaments can get.

Shoaib Rahim aka Kandahar – Deputy Mayor of Kabul, Afghanistan

What sort of name is that to designate to an international tournament? And what at first sounded like Stupid ended up being my favourite international tournament.

Ian William David Howell – Teacher, SMK St. Xavier

It is a world-class debating competition, with quality organization and brilliant range of motions. The most beneficial aspect of all, is that debates after debates at WUPID, from round one to the very end, were of high standards. Which you would only get at the later stages of many competitions. Experience was great!

Faisal Moideen – Managing Partner, Moideen & Max

WUPID at its inception brought together some of the best debaters in the world to showcase debating at its best. This was a good move to enable Malaysian teams, preparing for Worlds, to have sparring sessions under a very competitive environment. It’s not often that you get the chance to debate against the worlds bests. Some good debaters in the region also came to WUPID to finalise their preparation for Worlds thus making WUPID and important and prestigious pre-Worlds tournament.

Dr. Chandran Somasundram – Assoc. Professor, Universiti Malaya