Here’s to WUPID.

Written by:
Ian William David Howell, Teacher and Former Debate Coach for Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Since its inception in 2007, WUPID has brought together many of the world’s best debaters from the global debating community.

I have to admit that I was at first apprehensive when I was first invited to this tournament way back in 2007. I remember first hearing of it over the telephone when Muhammad Yunus invited me as an adjudicator in 2007. My first reaction was – What sort of name is that to designate to an international tournament? And what at first sounded like Stupid ended up being my favourite international tournament.

I take a personal interest in WUPID because of my involvement in it. For WUPID 2007, I not only adjudicated in it, I helped in the tournament too. As an English language teacher, I found out upon arrival that I was to help in the MC’s speech. That was a surprise as my teaching skills were already on school holiday mode. But anything for Yunus. And what a memorable night it was, the opening ceremony was grand, the food was scrumptious and I got to meet one of Malaysia’s top jazz artiste, Noryn Aziz.

And then there was the accommodation. The past WUPIDs have provided us with some of the best accommodations of any debate tournament. You could end your day on a low note – not only debaters have bad days, adjudicators have them too – but you arrive at the hotel, knowing that a bed of total comfort and relaxation, a guarantee to a good night’s sleep, would be waiting for you.

I remember the international breakfast we would be fêted to, but it’s not the food that I would look forward to. It’s the being at the breakfast table early with friends, re-living and recalling the previous day’s events, finding out if any team was upset with decisions made, gossips etc. After all, only the top teams in the world participate in this event as WUPID is an invitational tournament. So it’s only natural that the teams expect the best adjudication panel. And WUPID delivers. Like the participating teams, only some of the best adjudicators are invited and expected. And it’s not just because it’s a competition. Being one of the most important pre-Worlds, teams view WUPID as a learning and preparatory competition. Which is why teams get competitive, but never ugly. Always friendly, but never complacent. And I suppose this is the reason also why this tournament is so prestigious. Only with the best can there be the best. And I am pleased and honoured that I have had some of my best adjudicating experiences at all the five WUPIDs of the past, from WUPID 2007 to 2011. And made some of my best friends at this tournament too. And I look forward to more WUPIDs in the future. Why? Because WUPID is not just a competition, it’s a community.

Oxford first to confirm participation to QIUP WUPID 2017.

Preparation for QIUP WUPID 2007 marked a new milestone with University of Oxford becoming the first university to formally confirm their participation.

Although some more than 20 universities have either publicly or privately expressed their interest to take part in the inter-varsity debate championship, the first to be held in Ipoh, Perak after Qi Group, through it’s subsidiary Quest International University Perak decided to revive the championship.

QIUP WUPID 2017 begins on 08 December 2017 and the grand finals, on 12 December 2017. 40 teams from top debating institutions around the world are expected to participate, with further international participation announcements expected in the coming weeks.

“With so many universities having either publicly or privately confirmed their participation, we are on track to deliver our goal of hosting the most prestigious debating championship ever,” said Daniel Hasni, Organising Chairman of QIUP WUPID.

For frequent updates on the championship, please visit the Facebook page at



Harish Natarajan, the final piece to QIUP WUPID 2017 adjudication core.

Written by Allison Jong.

Joining alongside Dr Chandran Somasundram (UM) and Jessica Musulin (ANU) as part of WUPID 2017 adjudication core, is Harish Natarajan. A household name in the debating world, Harish hails from Cambridge, UK and has previously obtained a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.

Grand Finalist of Thessa WUDC 2017 and twice the top 10 speaker at Worlds, Harish’s resume is certainly star studded. Additionally, Harish also holds an impressive record in EUDC. He was the Champion of the Euros, and appeared in the Grand Finals with a total of three times. Not missing in the long list of achievements, Harish is also the Champion of HWS Round Robin as well as Cambridge IV and 35 other debating tournaments around Europe.

Harish adjudication CV does not fall short either. He was the Chief Adjudicator of Oxford IV, Cambridge IV, WUDC and EUDC and 50 other debating tournaments worldwide.

Jessica Musulin appointed to QIUP WUPID 2017 adjudication core.

QUIP WUPID 2017 is pleased to announce the appointment of Jessica Musulin to its Adjudication Core. The appointment was made at the soft launch and press conference of QIUP WUPID 2017 at Everly Hotel, Putrajaya on 15 August 2017.

Jessica is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. She has been actively debating since her undergraduate studies in Griffith University, South East Queensland.

As a debater, she was recently the Champion of the Australasian Debating Championship 2017 held in Brisbane, one of the most prestigious debating championships in the world. Moreover, she has also spoken in the elimination rounds of the Worlds Universites Debating Championship (WUDC), the Australiasian Women Debating Championship and the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championship (also known as Easters).

As an adjudicator, her outstanding experiences includes being the Chief Adjudicator of the Australasian Women Debating Championship, and the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championship. She has also judged the Grand Finals of the Australasian Debating Champion and the Quarterfinals of the WUDC. She will also be in the adjudication core of the Australasian Debating Championship 2018, which will be hosted in Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur!

Best debaters in the world to converge in Malaysia.

Putrajaya: The World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (“WUPID”) returns as Quest International University Perak (“QIUP”) revives the championship as title sponsor of QIUP WUPID 2017.  First launched in 2007, WUPID is an exclusive debating championship that is exclusive to only the top 20 debating universities around the world. The championship is targeted at promoting discourse related to global peace and social justice. QIUP WUPID 2017 will take place at Ipoh, Perak from December 08 – 12, 2017.

“WUPID has a strong following among the global debating community and we are thrilled to sponsor the event and bring it to Perak this year. The vibrancy of thoughts and ideas that is celebrated and reflected in this event is the exact quality that QIUP embraces and promotes in its vision to become one of the region’s leading university.”

Attracting only the best debating talents in the world, and marked by high quality debate topics regarding to peace and social justice, the acceptance and recognition of WUPID has been phenomenal and individuals, groups and communities have embraced it with much enthusiasm over the years.

“The Ministry views activities like debating as rewarding and fundamental to the development of a wholesome student. These view are echoed with the introduction of the iCGPA, which is a performance measure that integrates activities like debating in a student’s overall assessment. I’m confident that participants are in for an exciting and memorable experience and very pleased that QIUP is playing a major role in reviving this championship,” said Dato’ Seri’ Idris Jusoh, Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia.

QIUP WUPID 2017 has confirmed the participation of debate teams from the University of Sydney – current world champions, and University of Oxford – currently ranked 1st at the world championship. The two Malaysian universities that have qualified to take part at the championship are International Islamic University, Malaysia (“IIUM”) and Universiti Teknologi MARA (“UTMARA”).

More information on QIUP WUPID 2017 can be found on and Join in the chat using #LoseYourselfToDebates and #QIUPWUPID.

Scenes from the QIUP WUPID 2017 Soft launch and Press Conference:


L to R: Nicholas Goh (Chief Operating Officer, Quest International University, Perak), Zaheer Merchant (Council Member, Quest International University, Perak), Dato’ Seri Hj. Idris Jusoh (Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia), Daniel Hasni Mustafa (Co-Founder, World Universities Peace Invitational Debate) and Dr. Chandran Somasundram (Chief Adjudicator, QIUP WUPID 2017).


L to R: Leeroy Ting (Debater, Universiti Malaya), Jasmine Ho Abdullah (Debater, Universiti Teknologi MARA), Nicholas Goh (Chief Operating Officer, Quest International University, Perak), Dato’ Kamel Mohamad (Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education), Zaheer Merchant (Council Member, Quest International University, Perak), Dato’ Seri Hj. Idris Jusoh (Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia), Daniel Hasni Mustafa (Co-Founder, World Universities Peace Invitational Debate) and Dr. Chandran Somasundram (Chief Adjudicator, QIUP WUPID 2017), Shahibzada Mubashir Noor (Debater, Quest International University, Perak) and Jessica Musulin (Debater, Australian National University).




IIUM commissions WUPID Overall Best Speaker trophy and renames it after the late Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah.

If this trophy were to be renamed, it only makes sense that it would be rebranded in memory of the late Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah.

Dr. Arif’s vision of a sustainable institution for critical discourse and speech led him to a long involvement with IIUM’s debating unit – SPICE. He was instrumental in the formation of the unit and its expansion into becoming a globally recognised debating institution. What strikes most people about Dr. Arif, is his unquenchable thirst and devotion towards debating excellence. You can clearly see this through the IIUM debaters during his leadership at SPICE. They hate to lose. And they hate it with a passion.

Dr. Arif’s contribution in debating was also extended beyond IIUM and received throughout the country. IIUM’s dominance in debating not only made it an institution that was feared in competitions, it made IIUM a benchmark and referral point for the nurturing and development of debating for many universities within the country. Debating quickly became a fashion, with IIUM as the trend setter.

IIUM now remains a dominant and sustainable force in Malaysian debating. Their dominance have reached international scales with historic successes at Asians and Australs, reaching the grand finals of the World Championships and making significant impacts in tournaments like the Oxford and Cambridge IV. This may all be achieved after Dr. Arif’s departure from IIUM, but it is certainly all due to the solid foundation carved by the founding director of SPICE.

In memory of his devotion to debating excellence, the Overall Best Speaker Award of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate will now bear his name – Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah Memorial Trophy.

Featured image courtesy of Aizuddin Danian, former IIUM debater. You can also read more about Dr. Arif in his blogpost here.

[Revised] Minister Of Higher Education Malaysia To Officiate The Return Of The World Universities Peace Invitational Debate.

Revision: The date for the launch has been moved to August 15, 2017 from 4:00pm – 5:30pm. Venue remains at Everly Hotel, Putrajaya. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The organising committee of the QIUP World Universities Peace Invitational Debate is pleased to announce the official return / media launch of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (“WUPID”) by the Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia Dato’ Seri Haji Idris bin Jusoh.

The media launch will take place on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at Everly Putrajaya from 2:00PM to 4:00PM. The events is opened to the public.

More than 120 university debaters from 20 top debating universities, from Malaysia, Philippines. India, United Kingdom, North America, Oceania and Europe will attend QIUP WUPID 2017, including the highest ranked team at the World championship, University of Oxford; and the University of Sydney, the reigning World champions.

The return of WUPID is anticipated as the commercial rights for the event are now returned to the co-founders upon it being leased to Yayasan Orator back in 2012. QIUP WUPID 2017 will be the seventh championship since it’s inception in 2007.

QIUP WUPID Organising Chairman, Daniel Hasni Mustafa said: “We wish to thank the Minister for agreeing to graciously officiate the media launch. Upon our return, we had discussions of relocating the tournament elsewhere. But we view Malaysia as an important market as it has proven to be a significant hub for development of competitive debating. It is also home to two top-ranked debating universities, a progressive institution dedicated to competitive debating excellence – Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking (MIDP) and home to all three co-founders. We recognise that discourse is a key driver for social and political growth, and as Malaysia continues to move towards a high-value, knowledge-based economy with a strong focus on nation building, discourse such as debating will play a crucial role to raise the overall efficiency, productivity and social balance of the nation.”

In conjunction with the official return and media launch of the QIUP WUPID 2017, the organisers will also showcase an exhibition debate that will feature a topic related to university rankings.

To find out more about the media launch, visit the Facebook event page here.



QIUP WUPID Appoints Dr. Chandran As Chief Adjudicator.

QIUP World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (QIUP WUPID) has appointed Dr. Chandran Somasundram as the Chief Adjudicator for 2017.

This was confirmed by a statement on the official Facebook of QIUP WUPID last night.

Dr. Chandran is the head coach of debating at Universiti Malaya, which is also bidding for the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships (AUSTRALS) 2018.

“Dr. Chandran has been actively involved in debating from the early 1990s to this very day. He has extensive experience as a member of an adjudication core and was appointed the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for WUPID back in 2008. We believe that his experience will be good for QIUP WUPID 2017,” said the statement.

Dr. Chandran’s major task is to develop contemporary and fair debate motions together with his deputy chief adjudicators.



Don’t Debate If You Haven’t Read This: Finland Is Really Good At Stopping Bullying. This Is How They’re Doing It.

Date: 2 July, 2017
Author: James Gaines
Publication: Upworthy

Imagine you’re back in middle school or high school. The bell just rang, so you’re walking to your next class, minding your own business.

Then you walk around the corner and see this:


What would you do?

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common scene.

About a fourth to a third of all students report that they’ve been bullied in school.

And while a single bad encounter might be easy to brush off, bullying often doesn’t happen just once. For many kids, it’s a long, awful campaign of continual harassment, injury, and exhaustion.

Even the most resilient kids can have trouble dealing with that. And bullying can also cause depression, anxiety, health complaints, and even dropping out of school. It’s not great.

So back to that question: If you saw bullying, what would you do?

Read the rest here.

Sample Debate Motion:

This house believes that doing to much about bullying is equally as bad as doing too little.

Don’t Debate If You Haven’t Read This is a series of selected articles found online that we deem reading essentials prior to WUPID. The collection of sample debate motions from these series will be shared via the Motion Bank.

Mifzal Mohammed Appointed QIUP WUPID 2017 Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Mifzal Mohammed has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Adjudicator, QIUP WUPID announced Saturday morning. Mifzal will join Ameera who was appointed last week.

QIUP WUPID Project Director Dr. Saiful Amin said Mifzal is an outstanding debater and we are pleased to have him join QIUP WUPID’s adjudication core.

“He’s a key part of the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UTMARA) debating team which has enjoyed fantastic success in recent years,” said Saiful.

“They were ranked second in the last Amsterdam Worlds 2016/17, with Mifzal personally ranked the fourth best speaker of the tournament. He is also the Co-Chief Adjudicator for the upcoming Mexico Worlds 2017/18 which is obviously special for him and UTMARA. We look forward to having him join our team.”

The appointment leaves the number of seats for the Deputy Chief Adjudicator role to two, with Ashish Kumar as one of the favourites for the position.