TN50 collaborates with QIUP WUPID for a ‘Malaysia’ themed debate round.

TN50 or Transformasi Nasional 2050, is Malaysia’s initiative in engaging the youth and acquiring their insights on their aspirations o the country by 2050. The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, but has extended to become an engagement involving all ministries under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Department.

QIUP WUPID is proud to be one of TN50’s platform for discourse, and contribute to the gathering of insights and input from the youth segment. One of the preliminary rounds would be themed ‘Malaysia’ and will feature a topic or debate motion relevant to the country.

Daniel Hasni, Organising Chairman of QIUP WUPID said that this collaboration is a worthy opportunity for Malaysia to tap into the thoughts of young leaders from around the world and grasp their inputs in matters such as foreign policy practices that Malaysia should undertake in the next 50 years.

TN50 is looking at the possibility of having the sessions streamed live via Facebook.

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