Harish Natarajan, the final piece to QIUP WUPID 2017 adjudication core.

Written by Allison Jong.

Joining alongside Dr Chandran Somasundram (UM) and Jessica Musulin (ANU) as part of WUPID 2017 adjudication core, is Harish Natarajan. A household name in the debating world, Harish hails from Cambridge, UK and has previously obtained a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.

Grand Finalist of Thessa WUDC 2017 and twice the top 10 speaker at Worlds, Harish’s resume is certainly star studded. Additionally, Harish also holds an impressive record in EUDC. He was the Champion of the Euros, and appeared in the Grand Finals with a total of three times. Not missing in the long list of achievements, Harish is also the Champion of HWS Round Robin as well as Cambridge IV and 35 other debating tournaments around Europe.

Harish adjudication CV does not fall short either. He was the Chief Adjudicator of Oxford IV, Cambridge IV, WUDC and EUDC and 50 other debating tournaments worldwide.

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