QIUP WUPID Partners With Ipoh’s Heritage Brand, Mr OJ

You may or may not have seen Mr. OJ fresh fruit juices in your local 7-11 or convenience store. But this quirky heritage brand from Ipoh is now a partner of QIUP WUPID 2017.

Dr. Saiful Amin, Co-Founder and Project Director of QIUP WUPID, comments: “We are very impressed by Mr OJ’s successful track record and their high quality fresh juices. This partnership illustrates our strategy of partnering with dynamic entrepreneurs from Ipoh who embodies great passion for authentic, high-quality crafted premium products and who has the capacity to further extend our brand presence as a heritage event.”

About Mr. OJ

Mr OJ is a brand that strives to produce fresh and delicious fruit juices, hence our tagline “Always Fresh”.

We are strategically located at Kong Heng Square Artisan Market, right in the heart of Ipoh Old Town. With a strategic location and precise strategies, we are able to capture the hearts of our customers who come from near and far.

We are committed to deliver the 3 Nos – no added sugar, no colouring, and no preservatives. As such, our fruits are sourced locally and processed to become the finest quality of fresh juices. This is to ensure our customers will enjoy the best quality fresh juices with all the nutrients that come with the fruits.

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