Ameera Natasha Moore: QIUP WUPID Appoints Queensland Australs Deputy Chief Adjudicator As Member Of Their Adjudication Core.

QIUP WUPID has confirmed the appointment of former International Islamic University Malaysia debater, Ameera Natasha Moore as their member of the adjudication core.

Dr. Saiful Amin said: We are delighted to announce that Ameera has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for this year, but hope to have her on board for a longer period of time for possible capacity building engagements. Ameera, who expects to sign a two-year contract with QIUP WUPID, will be unveiled at a media conference in Putrajaya on July 26, 2017.

Ameera’s appointment has been widely expected. She is a 3-time Australs champion [ESL Category (2), Open Category (1)], 3-time Asian Champion, Cambridge IV 2016 Champion, and the current World’s Best ESL Speaker.

Ameera has extensive experience as a member of the adjudication core from many tournaments around Asia Pacific. She is also appointed the Co-Chief Adjudicator for the Cape Town World Universities Debating Championship in 2019.

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