QIUP WUPID has confirmed the appointment of former International Islamic University Malaysia debater, Ameera Natasha Moore as their member of the adjudication core.

Dr. Saiful Amin said: We are delighted to announce that Ameera has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for this year, but hope to have her on board for a longer period of time for possible capacity building engagements. Ameera, who expects to sign a two-year contract with QIUP WUPID, will be unveiled at a media conference in Putrajaya on July 26, 2017.

Ameera’s appointment has been widely expected. She is a 3-time Australs champion [ESL Category (2), Open Category (1)], 3-time Asian Champion, Cambridge IV 2016 Champion, and the current World’s Best ESL Speaker.

Ameera has extensive experience as a member of the adjudication core from many tournaments around Asia Pacific. She is also appointed the Co-Chief Adjudicator for the Cape Town World Universities Debating Championship in 2019.

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