What we do today about our youth’s education and upbringing would have consequences that would last a century or more. The part of that education which also includes debating activities and involvement in debating tournaments such as WUPID is not without any constructive outcome in the foreseeable future. The wind of peace and tolerance we send in the debating atmosphere in 2007 is back and kicking in 2017. And we intend for it to stay for another 10 years and more.


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40 teams to compete at the inaugural QIUP National BP Novice Debating Competition.

Approximately 120 debate enthusiasts from universities and schools around the country will compete at the inaugural QIUP National BP Novice, which runs from August 12 to August 13, according to latest statistics from the registration and tabulation committee from the…

IIUM commissions WUPID Overall Best Speaker trophy and renames it after the late Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah.

If this trophy were to be renamed, it only makes sense that it would be rebranded in memory of the late Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah. Dr. Arif’s vision of a sustainable institution for critical discourse and speech led him to…


It is a world-class debating competition, with quality organization and brilliant range of motions. The most beneficial aspect of all, is that debates after debates at WUPID, from round one to the very end, were of high standards. Which you would only get at the later stages of many competitions. Experience was great!

Faisal Moideen – Managing Partner, Moideen & Max

WUPID at its inception brought together some of the best debaters in the world to showcase debating at its best. This was a good move to enable Malaysian teams, preparing for Worlds, to have sparring sessions under a very competitive environment. It’s not often that you get the chance to debate against the worlds bests. Some good debaters in the region also came to WUPID to finalise their preparation for Worlds thus making WUPID and important and prestigious pre-Worlds tournament.

Dr. Chandran Somasundram – Assoc. Professor, Universiti Malaya